Tungsten Law

At TungestLaw, we care about the people who trust us with the legal issues they are facing. We have retained the feel of a friendly and approachable law firm where clear communication is paramount.When faced with legal troubles, you need personal attention and reassurance from an expert in the particular area that concerns you. With Tungsten Law you will always have direct contact with one of our solicitors — from the start to finish of your case. Unlike some firms, you will not find yourself having to chase us for information: Our staff take a proactive approach to their work — calling you and keeping you fully informed of progress at all times.

Morden Solicitors

We are a local Morden law firm, and outside work we provide informal assistance and support to several local charities and voluntary organisations. We also run a work experience programme with local schools, encouraging aspiring lawyers to spend some time with us and find out more about what we do.

Our solicitors are multilingual so can offer advice to people from diverse backgrounds. Our team includes lawyers with experience of practice in other countries, including Pakistan and Germany. Compared to the narrow approach taken by some firms, our international experience often helps us see things differently: We view the legal problems we are asked to advise on in a broader and more practical way.

Affordable Advice

We offer a range of funding packages, including no-win, no-fee and fixed fee services. At Tungsten Law, we will take your case to court if necessary — but it is a last resort. We are mindful that clients are reluctant to incur unreasonable legal expenses, and the unpredictability of court action means you can quickly lose control of costs.

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Tungsten Law offers expert and cost-effective legal advice across South West London. For a free consultation, call 03301222771 or email us   info@tungstenlaw.com